Joondalup Netball Association



Joondalup Netball Association INC. would like to invite you to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday 28th March for a 7pm start (sign in from 6.45pm) at the Sports Bar, HBF Arena.


The agenda will be distributed to members by no later than Tuesday 14th March.


In accordance with Rules 18 (2) (a)(vii) & (viii) each affiliated club (ordinary member) must:-

  1. vii) appoint one (1) voting delegate and one (1) substitute voting delegate at any time, provided that the Affiliated Club may change its voting delegate and substitute by notice in writing to the Association; and
  2. viii) be entitled to one (1) voting delegate at the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings.

In accordance with Rule 64 the following applies for delegates voting at AGM:-

Voting at General Meeting

  1. 1) On any motion arising at a general meeting: a) each ordinary member has one vote to be exercised by the ordinary memberโ€™s appointed delegate; and
  2. b) *ordinary members (Affiliated Clubs) are represented by an individual, who is a member of that Affiliated Club, to vote on behalf of the Affiliated Club on any question at a particular general meeting or at any general meeting.
  4. 2) Except in the case of a special resolution, a motion is carried if a majority of the ordinary members present at a general meeting vote in favour of the motion.
  5. 3) If the question is whether or not to confirm the minutes of a previous general meeting, only members who were present at that meeting may vote.
  6. 4) For a person to be eligible to vote at a general meeting as a delegate of an ordinary member, the ordinary member:
    1. a) must have been an ordinary member at the time notice of the meeting was given under Rule 60; and
    2. b) must have paid any fee or other money payable to the Association by the member.
    3. a) Affiliated Clubs: An Affiliated Club is one or more Teams wishing to register as a Club and play interclub matches conducted by the Association.

*Ordinary membership shall be open to:


Each Affiliated Club (ordinary member) must nominate their voting delegate in writing, to JNA Head office email , no later than Tuesday 21st March being, five (5) business days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Please provide the following details in the email:

Club Name; Delegate Name; Delegate Contact No; 2023 JNA club affiliated member Y or N.


The following Board positions are all up for election at the 2023 JNA AGM.

Please note the terms for each of the positions for the first year as a Board structure.

Nomination forms are enclosed and in accordance with item 26 (2) of the Joondalup Netball Association INC Constitution, are to be completed and returned via email to by no later close of business on Thursday 16th March. Position description forms for each of the Board positions will be forwarded in a separate email to club contacts.

This nomination must include a statement by another member (nominator) in support of the nomination.

The statement is to include a brief description of nominee giving information on nomineeโ€™s experience, eligibility, brief history with netball and what you feel they can achieve in the role to benefit Joondalup Netball Association Board Positions

Vice-President (2yr term)

Secretary (2yr term)

General Committee Member (2yr term)

General Committee Member (1yr term)

JNA 2023 Board Nomination Form